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Support for every stage

AI maturity happens in stages. We'll help you navigate them.

We will help your team build a long-term development plan so that no matter what stage of AI and machine learning maturity your organization is, you can proceed methodically forward, growing your team, developing your culture, improving your process, and strengthening your systems.

Foundation Stage

You are solving a few use cases, while building team, systems, and processes. If you get some wins here, you'll be able to bring this approach to more areas of the business. This stage is all about building a foundation for future growth.

Growth Stage

Your team has a system for generating models but it's painful, and pretty manual and not that trackable, auditable, or reproducible. Work is often duplicated, and production speed is erratic. But you're producing models.

Scale Stage

You regularly build new products and services with AI/ML at the core. You have some automation. But there may be gaps and you're hampered by not being able to scale up fast enough or create enough new products in parallel.

AI-Driven stage

AI has infused every aspect of your enterprise, in all functions and areas. You have end-to-end automation of the entire process. You lead your industry by having AI augment your people in every function, every unit, and every offering to your customers.

What stage are you in?

We can help assess your stage and work with you to come up with a tailored plan to get you safely to the next stage.

People are the heart and soul of AI

AI is a Team Sport

We'll help you design and structure your team for success. We have machine learning engineers, business analysts, AI architects, and project managers who can help you accomplish your projects faster.

Fairness and accountability need to be built in

We believe that fair, responsible, ethical, inclusive AI is the only kind worth building. We'll work with your team to build this into the very foundations of your culture, processes, and systems.

Let's talk about people

Do you need to scale your team? Contact us and let's talk about how we can accelerate your projects and initiatives.

Great AI Requires Great Process

Let's improve your Model Development Lifecycle

The time for ad-hoc model creation processes is over. You can not build trusted AI and machine learning systems if you do not have a well-defined and rigorous process to define and scope the problem, collect and prepare the data, develop and train the models, get those models into production and them monitor them to ensure they are still doing their jobs correctly. Let's work together to continuously improve your model development process.

Data Collection and Preparation

We will help you build a culture and a discipline around good data preparation operations. Big data is good, but good big data is better.

Model Development and Training

We will help your team build a complete process for developing, tuning, experimenting with, and selecting models.

Model Deployment and Operations

We will help your team realize that getting to production means you're "halfway there" and now those models need to be monitored and operated until they are retrained or decommissioned.

Security from Top to Bottom

AI and machine learning comes along with new security threat vectors. Our team will help you secure your systems from new and emerging AI-ML threats.

NOTE: You may have heard the term "MLOps". While there are many definitions of the term, we consider it to be the feedback loop between Model Development and Model Deployment. We will help your team become experts at this newly emerging discipline.

Let's talk about process

Having a complete end-to-end Model Development Lifecycle is critical to long-term success. Anybody can build a few one-time models. But for repeatable, auditable, scaleable AI, you need a well designed end-to-end Model Development Lifecycle. Contact us and let's work together on improving your production processes so that you can stop hand-crafting models and start producing them on a high-quality production line.

Great Platforms Enable Great Teamwork

Platforms are the future of AI and ML

DIY machine learning is fine for the lab but not suitable for production AI at scale. By some estimates, it can cost you millions of dollars to build and millions of dollars per year to maintain your own DIY system that has no data or model lineage, can not be audited, and does not output explainable or reproducible results. In other words, it lacks governance. No governance means more risk.

By using industry-leading platforms, your team can be up and running immediately so you can focus all of your team's time on identifying, clarifying, and working to solve problems that will push your mission forward. Not only that, they come with key elements such as fairness and bias tools, reporting, logging, and data and model lineage that are important to regulatory agencies.

We work with three of the leading platforms in the market and we will help you evaluate, select, implement, and get operational on the platform that serves your organization best.

Value delivered by Dataiku to customers:

Dataiku is recognized as a market leader by Gartner, Forester, OMDIA, and IDC.

Value and ROI examples from AWS:

Amazon Web Services is recognized as a Leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud AI Services

According to Forrester Consulting, customers using DataRobot can realize $4M in value and get an ROI of 514% with payback in less than 3 months. (See the study)

Some specific customer examples in the study included:

  • Reduced model production time by 90%.

  • Reduced overstaffing by 60%.

  • Decreased fraud costs 55%.

  • Reduced ML model production time by 90%.

DataRobot is recognized as a Visionary in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms.

Need help selecting a platform?

We can help you assess your needs so that you can find the right platform to build your business on.

Our goal is to make your team self-reliant

AI is not something you want to outsource forever

AI needs to be a fundamental organizational and technical capability of your firm. We'll work with you to build up your people, process, and technologies so that you can go dominate your industry. Here are our services to help your team get up to speed.

AI Strategy & Planning

  • Workshops

  • Use Case Identification

  • Audits & Assessments

  • AI program development

  • Team development

Project Definition

  • Refining business problems

  • Scoping projects

  • Defining pilots and MVPs

  • Managing and refining process


  • Current architecture audit

  • Platform evaluation

  • Platform recommendations

  • Platform stand-up

  • Platform training


  • Cloud Audit

  • Hybrid Cloud AI planning

  • Hybrid Cloud for AI managed services

  • Security

Data Preparation

  • Data Audit

  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Enhancement

  • Data Transformation

  • Data Triage


  • AutoML training

  • Model development

  • Model training

  • Distributed computing

  • Model scoring

Deployment and Operations

  • Deployment

  • Performance monitoring

  • Accuracy monitoring

  • Cost monitoring


  • Fairness

  • Bias-detection and mitigation

  • Explainability

  • Reporting

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