About Productive AI

Productive AI was founded in 2020 to help companies adopt AI. You can learn more about our specific services here.

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About the founder

Troy Angrignon is passionate about helping business leaders understand and take action on emerging technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and cloud computing.

He was an early go-to-market executive in five cloud computing startups, all of which were acquired: Appirio (acquired by Wipro); RightScale (acquired by Flexera); Cloudscaling (acquired by Dell/EMC), Swiftstack (acquired by NVIDIA); Cloud Technology Partners (acquired by HP).

Troy is host of the Productive AI podcast and co-host of the Strategy 4 AI Podcast with Ian Wilson.

You can reach him on LinkedIn, or via email at troy at productiveai dot com.


"Troy truly is one of the most fearless technology trail blazers you will ever meet. I was incredibly lucky to work with him during the early, confusing and chaotic days of the cloud revolution. Cutting through the noise, Troy is always able to slice straight to the heart of the matter, and make sense out of the storm. Relentlessly focused on our customers and their success, Troy kept us all grounded in making new and difficult technologies simply work in the real world If you crash land on a hostile alien planet and can only take one other human with you, take Troy. You won't end up just surviving there, you'll end up thriving and have a such a fun time along the way you'll want to do it all over again."
- Adam Waters, former COO, Cloudscaling

"You immediately appreciate his ability to quickly understand a problem set and break it into manageable components, each of which he supports with relevant research and the input of subject matter experts in his extensive network. Troy then maps all these pieces out on a strategic chess board, so to speak, and presents their interrelationships in easily understandable presentation formats that he pairs with a clarity of explanation that leaves you with an actionable understanding of his logic and how he got there."
- Robert Cathey, Founder, Cathey.co Public Relations

"His communication skills along with deep knowledge around the industry and technology allows him to gain the trust of the full spectrum of customers immediately. I have seen Troy easily pivot within a business relevant conversation at the CIO level and 'get into the weeds' as necessary with other technology staff. Being relevant at multiple levels is incredibly valuable in these customer engagements."
- Fred Van Drimmelen, Systems Architect, Cisco Systems

"He is an excellent presenter and has a deep knowledge around technology that allows him to gain the trust of technical staff immediately. I have seen Troy easy pivot to a business relevant conversation at a CIO level which from my perspective being able to hold conversations at both levels is incredibly valuable."
- Ariel Acosta, Regional Sales Manager, IOT Private Sector, Cisco Systems

"He always brought a deep level of preparation and expertise to each customer meeting. I think one of the most unique qualities Troy brings to the table is his level of effort in crafting new customized, customer-centric messages and visual aids on a regular basis."
- Gretchen Buck, Customer Success Product Manager, Cisco Systems

"He understands the benefits of technologies and how to apply them to business needs for his customers. He can develop his own materials and strategies, engage others to bring in the correct resources and close deals. Effective leadership in account management is key, and Troy has the ability to maximize resources and find key relationships to meet the needs of the customer. We worked together on one very large and complex deal together that he coordinated a complex team of local sales people, partner resources, and selective technical resources to bring the deal to reality."
- Lou Norman, Technical Solution Architect, Cisco Systems

"working with Troy in several strategic accounts in the Public Sector arena. Personally, my favorite thing about supporting our public service men and women is an intrinsic energy of the greater good -- which is tangible when around Troy. His great attitude and passion for tech are innate and natural to him -- but what's striking is his in-depth understanding of the industry, current events, and market movements that help him strategically align with customer vision."
- Kyle Vaughan, Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems

"Troy was my key contact in driving the relationship between our companies and did an excellent job in engaging with us in customer opportunities and educating various internal stakeholders on the importance of cloud for our business. He has a direct and firm but friendly approach and always attempts to find a win-win outcome for all parties"
- Matthew McClean, Head of Solution Architecture, Machine Learning, AWS (formerly with Nokia-Siemens Networks.)

"If I were to define the quintessential well-rounded american professional, well, Troy would be it: a very high productivity, a great technical competence, an even greater market sensitivity. Troy is a citizen of the world, who can feel at home in any multicultural context, he's capable of operating in complex environments but he doesn't lack the ability to throw in a smile when the going get's too tough. He's also an endurance sport addict, which, in my experience, is always a clear indicator of a social, methodical, competitive and reliable personality."
- Andrea Faré, Technology Leader, Italy

"He's that rare combination of smart sales-oriented executive, thoughtful presenter, and wise business strategist—able to find the interesting threads in an industry or an innovation while never losing sight of the business goal. He's level-headed in times of crisis, and passionate when he needs to be."
- Alistair Croll, Visiting Executive, Harvard Business School (and conference guru supreme!)

"Great guy to work with when both of our companies partner together. He has tons of great ideas to promote company and product. Great team leadership to achieve project goal in an efficient way.  Very good public speaker, help client easily understand cloud enviroment , market and offering. Capable of keeping audiences' attention on professional bussiness topic and really enjoy it."
- Phil Chiu, BD Manager, Alibaba Cloud

"Troy has a unique combination of intelligence, curiosity,  determination, work ethics and social skills. One of the best customer-facing and presentation skills I have seen in my long career. Troy's ability to think on his feet and articulate even the most complex messages, is impressive! This combination of skills makes Troy highly successful not only in front-line roles (marketing, sales, business development) but equally in strategic roles."
- Regina Nilsson, Global Account Exec, Capgemini