About Us

About Productive AI

Productive AI is dedicated to helping people create value and transform their organizations through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

We offer consulting services to assist builders, buyers, doers, and analysts in the AI/Machine learning market. We also run the Productive AI podcast.

You can reach follow and reach Productive AI on Email,  Twitter,  LinkedIn, Youtube, and on all the major podcast platforms like Apple, Spotify, and Google.

About the founder

Troy is passionate about helping business leaders understand and take action on emerging technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML), and cloud computing. He was an early team member focused on sales, marketing, and partnering in five startups in the cloud computing space, all of which were acquired: Appirio (acquired by Wipro); RightScale (acquired by Flexera); Cloudscaling (acquired by Dell/EMC), Swiftstack (acquired by NVIDIA); Cloud Technology Partners (acquired by HP).

You can reach him on LinkedIn, or via email at troy at productiveai dot com.