Get a job in AI Product Management (and where to learn AI online) - with Mark Cramer

Hear Mark Cramer break down Product management, AI, and AI product management as well as get advice on learning how to become an AI Product manager.

Get a job in AI Product Management (and where to learn AI online) - with Mark Cramer


Hear Mark Cramer explain his view on Product Management, his definitions of AI and related fields, why he thinks AI is cool and life-long learning is important, how the job of the AI Product manager is challenging (and more fun!) than a regular Product Management job, and what to do if you’re considering becoming an AI product manager.

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00:00 Introduction
01:28 Mark’s career
04:57 Why is AI Product management more than just product management?
05:25 What is Product Management (without AI)?
14:52 What is AI? (And Machine learning and deep learning)
26:44 AI Product management requires more than just product management skills
40:58 The always critical MVP (Minimum Viable Product) applied to AI products
52:07 Resources for people wanting to be an AI product manager
54:00 Wrap-up!


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