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AI is not something you want to outsource forever

AI needs to be a fundamental organizational and technical capability of your firm. We'll work with you to build up your people, process, and technologies so that you can go dominate your industry. Here are our services to help your team get up to speed.

Our services

AI Strategy & Planning

  • Executive Fluency

  • Strategic planning

  • AI Program development

  • Center of Excellent standup

  • Team development

Project Definition

  • Refining business problems

  • Scoping projects

  • Defining pilots and MVPs

  • Managing and refining process


  • Needs assessment

  • Vendor analysis

  • Vendor introductions

  • Product evaluations

  • Product Bake-offs


  • Current architecture audit

  • Platform evaluation

  • Platform recommendations

  • Platform stand-up

  • Platform training

Data Preparation

  • Data Audit

  • Data Acquisition

  • Data Enhancement

  • Data Transformation

  • Data Triage


  • AutoML training

  • Model development

  • Model training

  • Distributed computing

  • Model scoring

Deployment and Operations

  • Deployment

  • Performance monitoring

  • Accuracy monitoring

  • Cost monitoring


  • Fairness

  • Bias-detection and mitigation

  • Explainability

  • Reporting

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