How the world's best companies hire the world's best software engineers

What if you could hire the best engineers from literally anywhere in the world? What if you were a software engineer who could live anywhere and work for the best in the world?

How the world's best companies hire the world's best software engineers

Hear how the world’s best companies use to hire the world’s best engineers. Listen to Vijay Krishnan, CTO and Co-Founder of Turing discuss how they match the best companies with the best global engineering talent using a combination of deep domain expertise and machine learning. Vijay also shares his lessons to founders and entrepreneurs as well as to aspiring machine learning and AI engineers.

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00:00 Introduction

01:31 Vijay’s Machine Learning career

05:16 Moving into an Executive in Residence (EIR) role to find the next big idea

11:24 Advice to founders – Three important lessons

15:12 The world was moving to remotely distributed teams before COVID

17:04 If you know your idea is right, ignore the doubters (including the VCs)

19:18 You have to be 10x better than anybody else

19:54 Finding and narrowing in on the biggest, best idea

23:50 What does Turing do and what is the value prop for customers and engineers?

27:36 Never interview for another job again. Oh and work from your beach-house for Silicon valley companies.

28:59 Why is it so hard for companies to hire top quality remote engineers without a platform like Turing?

36:14 Team building is always hard. How do you make these remote teams work for the engineers and the people who hire them?

38:14 Process and practices help build functional remote teams

43:58 Why Turing insists on having good English skills as a baseline (spoiler alert: real-time machine language translation is not here yet.)

46:07 What geographies does Turing serve in terms of customers?

47:02 And what about the engineers and software developers?

49:19 Why focus only on engineers? Why not any of the other surrounding roles?

52:15 Stay hyper-focused so that you can be 20x-30x better than the competition

52:58 Does Turing also work with machine learning and data science engineers?

54:12 What is Turing’s business model?

58:07 Where does Turing USE machine learning?

01:04:00 Raising another round of financing

01:06:30 What is Turing hiring for these days in terms of roles?

01:07:21 Senior engineering talent is in really short supply

01:09:35 Advice to founders: Nail the market – make sure it’s big

01:12:09 Advice to engineers: Learn the foundations but also learn the business

01:17:00 Wrapping up!

01:18:47 Signing off

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