Would you like to be on our podcast?

Welcome to the Productive AI podcast! Our goal is to simplify AI and Machine Learning and make it more understandable and accessible to all. We focus on the here and now - what's possible in the near and mid-term.


Below is a table outlining the types of audiences and their potential interest in the various conversations we'll be having.


  • Builders/Entrepreneurs/Founding teams
  • CxOs and business leaders at all levels
  • Investors (institutional and retail)


  • General industry understanding
  • Company and Product
  • Market and Tech Stack
  • Careers

Other information:

Download/Reach metrics: None yet! This is a brand new podcast and we're looking for startup-friendly folks who are willing to be the leaders!

Episode Duration: 30-60 minutes per episode.


  • Interview: We strongly prefer to do a zoom video conference so that we can share it as both a video (on our Youtube channel) and audio (through our podcast channel)
  • Webinar: We may also do webinar style episodes from time to time as necessary if there is a lot of visual information to convey - those will be limited to the Youtube channel.
  • Panel: We may on occasion do a panel conversation about some topics.

Unique Value Proposition for this podcast/channel:

  • The host, Troy Angrignon, has 25 yrs of IT / computing background, 12 of which was focused on cloud computing. He has worked around the world and has been part of 5 startup teams (all of those companies were acquired.)
  • There will be a strong bias will be towards really breaking down in simple terms the product value proposition and digging into the customer pains and goals, the proposed solution, how it fits in the market against competitive products, and what the customer experience has been
  • There will also be a strong focus on ensuring that the content is accessible, understandable, and as simple as it can be so that we can work to demystify AI and ML and make people more comfortable by relating it to the tools, technologies, and platforms that they already know

If this sounds interesting, we invite you to book a 30 minute call with us to see if there is a fit.

I hope you'll join us!

Troy Angrignon, Host/Creator